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a dummy located in a car at camden market.

an original london car

the guy who handed the photos im juli. ein kleines geheimnis des strassenlebens dieser herrlichen stadt hätte ich noch gerne gelüftet bekommen: der herr auf dem bild links stand all die tage ungerührt am picadilly circus und bot ein foto (siehe unten) feil. natürlich musste ich ihn bildlich festhalten - wer weiss, vielleicht sehe ich ihn mal wieder.

who's that guy?

a piece of art.das hier rechts ersichtliche foto gab er jedem vorbeigelaufenen menschen, der sich dafür interessierte. soweit ich mitbekommen habe, griff aber kaum jemand zu. vielleicht studiert der gute herr soziologie und benutzt den picadilly circus als experimentierfeld? nun, nachdem ich besagtes foto einsteckte, bereitete er einen weiteren abzug dieses bildes vor und signierte es wieder mit einem silber-edding. ein simples, entblößendes "thank you" kam noch über meine lippen, dann machte ich mich aus dem staub. man kann ja nie wissen (-;

spent our last nite in london at the spitz club where a dj workshop took place. although we came too late for the workshop, we met LEKTROGIRL, a lowfi-electronic music legend and founder of she asked my friend vibemaster if he would like to set up the vienna micromusic headquarter and offered her help on organising international events for the lovers of 80ies style lowfi-music.

later on we passed by an arcade hall and played a short game of DDR (dance dance revolution). two ladies rushed in and asked us to introduce them to the secrets of this japanese arcade classic. they did'nt do very well with dancing, in fact. maybe because of their high level of drunkenness or just because they are programmers in a new economy agency - we will never know.

at least we wondered that those two ladies never ever had seen such a game before. i asked them to tell me about their current projects - they are working on an advertising campaign for a children's toothpaste. their goal is an online edutainment-game which will show kids how to brush their teeths correctly. i'd suggest them to combine this with an introduction to digital culture for IT workers ;)

note to my loyal readers (is there anybody out there?): photos will be added after the journey.

spent our first night out at a huge club in london called the fabric. after visiting an old school friend at hoxton square who prefered to stay at a kind-of-after-work-clubbing pub we finally managed to get inside the fabric, a very large party location near a meat market. big fun. it also featured a banksy on the way to the bathroom facilities.

the queue was about 8 miles but it took only about half an hour to get inside the builing where there was another queue to the cashier (12 punds!). the fabric consists of three stages and we had no inklink what kind of music they serve here... on the first stage a generic electronic band performed modern gothic-style beats, on the second stage a dj played drum & bass for a very crowded mass and on the third stage hiphop tunes rocked the house.

later on, the first stage featured those british-style new breaks, which really made us shakin' and rollin' - we loved that :)

but somehow i felt like visiting the tanzpalast for londoners. at least the music is way better...

yesterday we were trying to visit the electronic music club nag nag nag, located at the ghetto in centre london.

where the spoken play.
on some wall: a kind of political graffiti, letters on some press clippings. didn't get the point, but i like it.

a bunch of other people must have had the same idea, so we were standing in a queue for about two hours. finally, the club closed his doors and we didn't manage to get in on time. we felt a little bit pissed about the fact that it's ridiculus not to let such a small group like 20 people in...

battersea. featured on pink floyd's album 'animal'that was our first try to get into a big club location in london - maybe it was the weather or the fact that the magazine time out warmly recomended the club or just that the club's name nag nag nag sounds great. nevertheless, our queue featured funny people like the woman with the mikey mouse ears, the man in black with the stunning eyes or the brasilian guy who appologised about his loud voice "i'm sorry babe, i just can't lower my voice! i am like that!". yeah. it's ok guy. just stay at home next time.

today's morning featured a meeting with two norway students, so our good mood is turning back and we're looking forward to visit battersea in the afternoon - that's this old power plant you can see at the top of the big smoker blog.

a long time ago (around summer 2003) the flashmob virus spread from hongkong and new york directly to vienna. now it's the year 2004 and instructions sound a little bit more interesting: mobile-clubbing is about music and dancing in the public - unexpected mass movements intended to irritate the surrounding area.

i'll take a close look at tomorrows mobile clubbing in london. there is no reason to dance to your personal radio in the public but to have fun. it's a kind of digital biedermeier to me - to be left alone with yourself while you're at a public space, having fun for you own while other people have fun too. strange feeling.

so let's get stupid again ;)

update: oi! we didn't manage to get there
but here are two nice pics i made during the visit of covent garden market:

great shoes!             nice one.

how to djhow to dj properly

a must-have especially for some viennese boyz... next week i'm in london, hoping to find some rare tracks there (u know, i'm a poser). also, i'm looking forward to visit the classic gaming expo UK there with a friend.


berlin kreutzberg at nite.

arrival at berlin. "es ist alles voller sterne..."

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